The Brand


Setting out to create the image of modern India, Rashika Sharma is a brand that straddles the present and innovative while rooted in India’s heritage of draped form and tradition of artistry. Rashika follows a minimalist yet effective design philosophy, working with solid colors and floral embroidery. These quintessential techniques of craftsmanship, imbibed with love across generations, are made globally astute through the cut, construct and finish of the brand’s silhouettes.


A fashion design graduate from Pearl Academy, New Delhi, she believes that the building blocks of every outfit are very personal. As a brand, we work tirelessly to produce and manifest the modern day luxury women’s wear with the right amalgamation of traditions of artistry and modern day silhouettes. Rashika has brought together western influences to Indian garments, thus creating a signature contemporary Luxury Indian wear.


She values the epiphany of the Indian craftsmanship by mixing it just the right way to the contemporary silhouettes, colors and motifs. Her main agenda is to provide absolute satisfaction and joy to the women of today by developing exemplifying masterpieces that delivers the confidence and self-love for God’s most precious creation. The belief of the designer is to pave the way for couture to be embraced as part of one’s daily wardrobe with the generous use of exotic motifs and rich luminous tones.


Rashika offers an array of new age silhouettes that give all her garments an offbeat look. Her designs are a mix of classic with the contemporary, the antique with the new and innovative use of fabrics to create a dreamy love affair for today’s kind of customer- a reflection of elegance, femininity, non-conformist yet rooted in classics. The label’s passion for both the design process and the ultimate garment is fueled by the designers artistic sensibility and discerning eye for detail