The Designer



was always interested in design and art, even at a very young age. She always believed that the way one dresses explains his or her mind set and expresses his or hers emotions. That love only grew as she grew older. Belonging to a business family, she studied business and finance in school but never wanted to let go of her desire for fashion. This led her to study fashion at Pearl Academy, New Delhi. She always thought that as a designer, she would love to play her part to the society by bringing in joy, confidence and self-righteousness through her designs.

Rashika’s design ideology can be best described as an amalgamation of traditional and contemporary silhouettes with an underlying mystical and romantic aesthetic to it. She absorbs so much on her travels across the world and takes inspiration from many sources. This fuels her creativity as she finds herself lucky to be a designer in India where we have a wealth of amazon crafts available to us. These help her achieve and translate her vision through design and fashion. As a designer, she wants to create clothes that are for the modern woman who is still connected to her roots in some capacity.